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Angas G.F. (1871) Description of thirty-four new species of shells from Australia. Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London, 1871: 13–21, pl. 1.
Angas, G. F.
Description of thirty-four new species of shells from Australia. <i>Proceedings of the Zoological
Society of London</i
1871(13): 1
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Agatha australis (Angas, 1871) (original description)
Belloliva exquisita (Angas, 1871) (original description)
Buccinulus niveus Angas, 1871 accepted as Pupa affinis (A. Adams, 1855) (original description)
Bulimus (Liparus) brazieri Angas, 1871 accepted as Bothriembryon brazieri (Angas, 1871) (original description)
Clathurella albocincta Angas, 1871 accepted as Apispiralia albocincta (Angas, 1871) (original description)
Clathurella bicolor Angas, 1871 accepted as Etrema bicolor (Angas, 1871) (original description)
Clathurella bilineata Angas, 1871 accepted as Heterocithara bilineata (Angas, 1871) (original description)
Clathurella brazieri Angas, 1871 accepted as Guraleus brazieri (Angas, 1871) (original description)
Clathurella hayesiana Angas, 1871 accepted as Pleurotomella hayesiana (Angas, 1871) (original description)
Clathurella sculptilis Angas, 1871 accepted as Asperdaphne sculptilis (Angas, 1871) (original description)
Clathurella tenuilirata Angas, 1871 accepted as Turrella tenuilirata (Angas, 1871) (original description)
Columbella attenuata Angas, 1871 accepted as Zella beddomei (Petterd, 1884) (original description)
Corbula venusta Angas, 1871 accepted as Corbula smithiana Brazier, 1880 (original description)
Crassatella fulvida Angas, 1871 accepted as Salaputium fulvidum (Angas, 1871) (original description)
Hyalina (Volvarina) mustelina Angas, 1871 accepted as Serrata mustelina (Angas, 1871) (original description)
Leiostraca lesbia Angas, 1871 accepted as Eulima acutissima (G. B. Sowerby II, 1866) (original description)
Limopsis brazieri Angas, 1871 (original description)
Liotia speciosa Angas, 1871 accepted as Pseudoliotia speciosa (Angas, 1871) (original description)
Mactra fluviatilis Angas, 1871 accepted as Spisula trigonella (Lamarck, 1818) (original description)
Marginella ochracea Angas, 1871 accepted as Alaginella ochracea (Angas, 1871) (original description)
Neaera pura Angas, 1871 accepted as Leptomya pura (Angas, 1871) (original description)
Neritina pulcherrima Angas, 1871 accepted as Smaragdia souverbiana (Montrouzier in Souverbie & Montrouzier, 1863) (original description)
Rissoina (Rissolina) crassa Angas, 1871 represented as Rissoina crassa Angas, 1871 (original description)
Rissoina crassa Angas, 1871 (original description)
Scala morchi Angas, 1871 accepted as Plastiscala morchi (Angas, 1871) (original description)
Syrnola tincta Angas, 1871 (original description)
Terebra brazieri Angas, 1871 accepted as Profunditerebra brazieri (Angas, 1871) (original description)
Triton (Cumia) speciosus Angas, 1871 accepted as Phyllocoma speciosa (Angas, 1871) (original description)
Port Jackson for Rissoina crassa Angas, 1871 

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