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Iredale, T. (1915). A commentary on Suter's Manual of the New Zealand Mollusca. Transactions and Proceedings of the New Zealand Institute. 47: 417-497.
Iredale, T.
A commentary on Suter's Manual of the New Zealand Mollusca
Transactions and Proceedings of the New Zealand Institute
47: 417-497
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Aethocola Iredale, 1915 accepted as Austrofusus Kobelt, 1879 (original description)
Alectrion victorianus Iredale, 1915 accepted as Nassarius pyrrhus (Menke, 1843) (original description)
Argalista Iredale, 1915 (original description)
Asteracmea suteri (Iredale, 1915) (original description)
Astraea sulcata (Martyn, 1784) accepted as Cookia sulcata ([Lightfoot], 1786) (basis of record)
Atalacmea Iredale, 1915 (original description)
Buccinum costatum Quoy & Gaimard, 1833 accepted as Cominella eburnea (Reeve, 1846) (source of synonymy)
Cantharidus oliveri Iredale, 1915 accepted as Cantharidus sanguineus (J. E. Gray, 1843) accepted as Micrelenchus sanguineus (J. E. Gray, 1843) (original description)
Cavellia Iredale, 1915 (original description)
Cellana radians perana Iredale, 1915 accepted as Cellana radians (Gmelin, 1791) (original description)
Dardanula Iredale, 1915 accepted as Eatoniella Dall, 1876 (original description)
Egestula Iredale, 1915 (original description)
Elachorbis Iredale, 1915 accepted as Circulus Jeffreys, 1865 (original description)
Estea Iredale, 1915 accepted as Pisinna Monterosato, 1878 (original description)
Estea roseola Iredale, 1915 accepted as Eatoniella roseola (Iredale, 1915) (original description)
Fectola Iredale, 1915 (original description)
Fusus mestayerae Iredale, 1915 accepted as Cumia mestayerae (Iredale, 1915) (original description)
Haurakia Iredale, 1915 (original description)
Hexaplex Perry, 1810 (subsequent type designation)
Hexaplex (Murexsul) Iredale, 1915 accepted as Murexsul Iredale, 1915 (original description)
Kerguelenia innominata Iredale, 1915 accepted as Kerguelenella innominata (Iredale, 1915) accepted as Siphonaria innominata (Iredale, 1915) (original description)
Leptomya perconfusa Iredale, 1915 accepted as Leptomya retiaria (F. W. Hutton, 1885) (original description)
Liotella Iredale, 1915 (original description)
Lironoba Iredale, 1915 (original description)
Lissotesta Iredale, 1915 (original description)
Macoma edgari Iredale, 1915 accepted as Bartschicoma edgari (Iredale, 1915) (original description)
Merelina Iredale, 1915 (original description)
Mocella Iredale, 1915 (original description)
Modiolus neozelanicus Iredale, 1915 accepted as Xenostrobus neozelanicus (Iredale, 1915) (original description)
Montfortula Iredale, 1915 (original description)
Musculus Röding, 1798 (subsequent type designation)
Mytilus maorianus Iredale, 1915 accepted as Aulacomya maoriana (Iredale, 1915) (original description)
Notoacmea Iredale, 1915 (original description)
Notoacmea suteri Iredale, 1915 accepted as Asteracmea suteri (Iredale, 1915) (original description)
Notosetia Iredale, 1915 (original description)
Notosetia subflavescens Iredale, 1915 accepted as Eatonina subflavescens (Iredale, 1915) (original description)
Nozeba Iredale, 1915 (original description)
Phelussa Iredale, 1915 accepted as Phacussa F. W. Hutton, 1883 (original description)
Pisania Bivona e Bernardi, 1832 (subsequent type designation)
Radiacmea Iredale, 1915 (original description)
Rissoa rosea F. W. Hutton, 1873 accepted as Estea roseola Iredale, 1915 accepted as Eatoniella roseola (Iredale, 1915) (basis of record)
Subonoba Iredale, 1915 (original description)
Suterella Iredale, 1915 accepted as Oxychilus Fitzinger, 1833 (original description)
Tellina gaimardi Iredale, 1915 accepted as Bartschicoma gaimardi (Iredale, 1915) (original description)
Tellina liliana Iredale, 1915 accepted as Macomona liliana (Iredale, 1915) (original description)
Thorista Iredale, 1915 accepted as Coelotrochus P. Fischer, 1879 (original description)
Thoristella Iredale, 1915 accepted as Coelotrochus P. Fischer, 1879 (original description)
Trochus (Thorista) Iredale, 1915 accepted as Coelotrochus P. Fischer, 1879 (original description)
Vomanus Iredale, 1915 accepted as Athoracophorus A. Gould, 1852 (original description)
Xymene Iredale, 1915 (original description)
Xymene quirindus Iredale, 1915 accepted as Axymene traversi (F. W. Hutton, 1873) accepted as Lamellitrophon traversi (F. W. Hutton, 1873) (original description)
Zalipais Iredale, 1915 (original description)
Indian Exclusive Economic Zone for Murex striatus Gmelin, 1791 

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