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Name Institute Country Editor Type Taxon
Kabat, AlanHarvard University; Museum of Comparative ZoologyUSATaxonomic editorMollusca
Picton, BernardNational Museums of Northern Ireland; Ulster MuseumUKTaxonomic editorHeterobranchia
Wieneke, UlrichGastropoda StromboideaGermanyTaxonomic editorStromboidea
Marshall, BruceMuseum of New Zealand Te Papa TongarewaNew ZealandChief taxonomic editorMollusca
Vos, ChrisWoRMS Editorial BoardTaxonomic editorTurritellidae
Vos, ChrisWoRMS Editorial BoardTaxonomic editorTonnidae
Vos, ChrisWoRMS Editorial BoardTaxonomic editorFicidae
Neubert, EikeNaturhistorisches Museum der Burgergemeinde BernSwitzerlandChief taxonomic editorMollusca
Köhler, FrankAustralian Museum; Australian Museum Research InstituteAustraliaTaxonomic editorMollusca
Richling, IraStuttgart State Museum of Natural HistoryGermanyTaxonomic editorGastropoda
Taylor, JohnNatural History Museum; Department of ZoologyUKTaxonomic editorLucinidae
Finn, JulianMuseums VictoriaAustraliaTaxonomic editorCephalopoda
Kantor, YuriRussian Academy of Sciences; A.N. Severtsov Institute of Ecology and EvolutionRussiaTaxonomic editorMollusca
Kantor, YuriRussian Academy of Sciences; A.N. Severtsov Institute of Ecology and EvolutionRussiaTaxonomic editorVolutomitridae
Kantor, YuriRussian Academy of Sciences; A.N. Severtsov Institute of Ecology and EvolutionRussiaTaxonomic editorPtychatractidae
Auffenberg, KurtWoRMS Editorial BoardTaxonomic editorMollusca
Faber, MarienWoRMS Editorial BoardTaxonomic editorRissooidea
Garcia-Alvarez, OscarUniversity of Santiago de Compostela; Department of ZoologySpainTaxonomic editorSolenogastres
Páll-Gergely, BarnaHungarian Academy of Sciences; Centre for Agricultural Research; Plant Protection InstituteHungaryTaxonomic editorGastropoda
Bouchet, PhilippeMuséum National d'Histoire Naturelle; Department Systematics and EvolutionFranceChief taxonomic editorMollusca
Herbert, DavidNational Museum of Wales; Department of Natural SciencesUKTaxonomic editorMollusca
Vinarski, MaximSt.-Petersburg State UniversityRussiaTaxonomic editorMollusca
Bieler, RüdigerField Museum of Natural HistoryUSAChief taxonomic editorMollusca
Houart, RolandBelgiumTaxonomic editorMuricidae
Janssen, RonaldSenckenberg Nature Research Society; Research Institute and Natural History MuseumGermanyTaxonomic editorMollusca
Rosenberg, GaryDrexel University; Academy of Natural SciencesUSAChief taxonomic editorMollusca
Bank, RuudRijksuniversiteit Groningen; Faculty of Medical SciencesNetherlandsChief taxonomic editorGastropoda
Gofas, SergeUniversity of Málaga; Faculty of Sciences; Departamento de Biología AnimalSpainChief taxonomic editorMollusca
Schneider, SimonUniversity of Cambridge; CASPUKTaxonomic editorBivalvia
ter Poorten, Jan JohanWoRMS Editorial BoardTaxonomic editorCardiidae
Neubauer, Thomas A.Justus Liebig UniversityGermanyTaxonomic editorMollusca

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