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Inkhavilay, K., Sutcharit, C., Bantaowong, U., Chanabun, R., Siriwut, W., Srisonchai, R., Pholyotha, A., Jirapatrasilp, P. & Panha, S. (2019). Annotated checklist of the terrestrial molluscs from Laos (Mollusca, Gastropoda). ZooKeys. 834: 1–166.
Inkhavilay, K., Sutcharit, C., Bantaowong, U., Chanabun, R., Siriwut, W., Srisonchai, R., Pholyotha, A., Jirapatrasilp, P. & Panha, S.
Annotated checklist of the terrestrial molluscs from Laos (Mollusca, Gastropoda)
834: 1–166.
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Aegista coudeini (Bavay & Dautzenberg, 1900) (basis of record)
Aegista emma (L. Pfeiffer, 1863) accepted as Ganesella emma (L. Pfeiffer, 1863) (basis of record)
Aegista gitaena (Bavay & Dautzenberg, 1908) (basis of record)
Aegista pseudotrochula (Bavay & Dautzenberg, 1909) (basis of record)
Aegista subinflexa (Mabille, 1889) (basis of record)
Aegista subinflexa major (Bavay & Dautzenberg, 1909) (basis of record)
Aegista subinflexa minor (Bavay & Dautzenberg, 1909) (basis of record)
Allopeas gracilis [sic] accepted as Allopeas gracile (T. Hutton, 1834) (additional source)
Alycaeus mouhoti L. Pfeiffer, 1863 accepted as Pincerna mouhoti (L. Pfeiffer, 1863) (basis of record)
Alycaeus rolfbrandti Maassen, 2006 (basis of record)
Alycaeus vanbuensis Bavay & Dautzenberg, 1900 accepted as Pincerna vanbuensis (Bavay & Dautzenberg, 1900) (basis of record)
Amimopina subangulatus (L. Pfeiffer, 1863) (basis of record)
Amphidromus areolatus (L. Pfeiffer, 1861) (basis of record)
Amphidromus attapeuensis Thach & F. Huber, 2017 (additional source)
Amphidromus comes (L. Pfeiffer, 1861) (additional source)
Amphidromus dautzenbergi Fulton, 1899 (additional source)
Amphidromus flavus (L. Pfeiffer, 1861) (additional source)
Amphidromus fuscolabris Möllendorff, 1898 (basis of record)
Amphidromus gerberi Thach & F. Huber, 2017 (additional source)
Amphidromus givenchyi Geret, 1912 (basis of record)
Amphidromus haematostoma Möllendorff, 1898 (basis of record)
Amphidromus inversus annamiticus (Crosse & P. Fischer, 1863) (additional source)
Amphidromus khammouanensis Thach & F. Huber, 2017 (additional source)
Amphidromus laosianus Bavay, 1898 (basis of record)
Amphidromus monsecourorum Thach & F. Huber, 2017 (additional source)
Amphidromus pervariabilis Bavay & Dautzenberg, 1909 (additional source)
Amphidromus protania Lehmann & Maassen, 2004 (additional source)
Amphidromus richgoldbergi Thach & F. Huber, 2017 (additional source)
Amphidromus roemeri (L. Pfeiffer, 1863) (basis of record)
Amphidromus roseolabiatus Fulton, 1896 (additional source)
Amphidromus semitessellatus (Morlet, 1885) (basis of record)
Amphidromus syndromoideus Inkhavilay & Panha, 2017 (basis of record)
Amphidromus xiengensis Morlet, 1891 (basis of record)
Amphidromus xiengkhaungensis Inkhavilay & Panha, 2017 accepted as Amphidromus thanhhoaensis Thach & F. Huber, 2016 (basis of record)
Amphidromus zebrinus (L. Pfeiffer, 1861) (basis of record)
Angustopila singuladentis Inkhavilay & Panha, 2016 (additional source)
Aphanoconia hungerfordiana (Möllendorff, 1882) (basis of record)
Aphanoconia hungerfordiana halongensis A. J. Wagner, 1905 (basis of record)
Aphanoconia hungerfordiana tonkinensis Möllendorff, 1907 (basis of record)
Apoecus corti (Bavay & Dautzenberg, 1909) (basis of record)
Apoecus macrostoma (Bavay & Dautzenberg, 1912) (basis of record)
Ariophanta crossei (L. Pfeiffer, 1862) accepted as Phuphania crossei (L. Pfeiffer, 1862) (basis of record)
Ariophanta danae (L. Pfeiffer, 1863) accepted as Phuphania crossei (L. Pfeiffer, 1862) (basis of record)
Ariophanta laotica (Möllendorff, 1899) accepted as Hemiplecta laotica (Möllendorff, 1899) (basis of record)
Ariophanta prionotropis (Möllendorff, 1898) (basis of record)
Atopos laidlawi Collinge, 1902 accepted as Atopos sanguinolentus Ghosh, 1912 (additional source)
Boysidia novemdentata Saurin, 1953 (basis of record)
Boysidia pahpetensis Saurin, 1953 (basis of record)
Boysidia paviei Bavay & Dautzenberg, 1912 (additional source)
Bradybaena bocageana (Crosse, 1864) (basis of record)
Bradybaena jourdyi (Morlet, 1886) (additional source)
Bradybaena similaris (Férussac, 1822) (additional source)
Calybium massiei Morlet, 1892 (basis of record)
Camaena choboensis (Mabille, 1889) (additional source)
Camaena hainanensis (H. Adams, 1870) (additional source)
Camaena huberi Thach, 2017 (additional source)
Camaena illustris (L. Pfeiffer, 1863) (additional source)
Camaena leeana Thach, 2017 (additional source)
Camaena suprafusca Möllendorff, 1898 accepted as Camaena pachychila Pilsbry, 1893 (additional source)
Camaena vanbuensis E. A. Smith, 1896 (additional source)
Chalepotaxis infantilis (Gredler, 1881) (additional source)
Chloritis balansai (Morlet, 1886) (basis of record)
Chloritis caseus (L. Pfeiffer, 1860) (basis of record)
Chloritis condoriana (Crosse & Fischer, 1863) accepted as Bellatrachia condoriana (Crosse & P. Fischer, 1863) (basis of record)
Chloritis deliciosa (L. Pfeiffer, 1863) (additional source)
Chloritis diplochone Möllendorff, 1898 (additional source)
Chloritis durandi (Bavay & Dautzenberg, 1900) (basis of record)
Chloritis fouresi (Morlet, 1886) accepted as Trichochloritis fouresi (Morlet, 1886) (basis of record)
Chloritis huberi Thach, 2016 (additional source)
Chloritis khammouanensis Inkhavilay & Panha, 2019 (basis of record)
Chloritis klausgrohi Thach & F. Huber, 2017 (additional source)
Chloritis lemeslei (Morlet, 1891) (basis of record)
Chloritis marimberti (Bavay & Dautzenberg, 1900) (basis of record)
Chloritis microtricha Möllendorff, 1898 accepted as Bellatrachia condoriana (Crosse & P. Fischer, 1863) (additional source)
Chloritis nasuta (Bavay & Dautzenberg, 1909) (basis of record)
Chloritis norodomiana (Morlet, 1883) accepted as Trichochloritis norodomiana (Morlet, 1883) (basis of record)
Chloritis remoratrix (Morlet, 1893) (basis of record)
Chloritis tenella (L. Pfeiffer, 1862) (basis of record)
Crossopoma bathyrhaphe (E. A. Smith, 1878) (basis of record)
Cryptozona siamensis (L. Pfeiffer, 1856) (basis of record)
Cyclophorus floridus (L. Pfeiffer, 1855) (additional source)
Cyclophorus franzhuberi Thach, 2017 (additional source)
Cyclophorus fulguratus (L. Pfeiffer, 1854) (additional source)
Cyclophorus khongensis Thach & F. Huber, 2017 (additional source)
Cyclophorus mansuyi Dautzenberg & H. Fischer, 1908 (additional source)
Cyclophorus orthostylus Möllendorff, 1898 (basis of record)
Cyclophorus siamensis (G. B. Sowerby I, 1850) (basis of record)
Cyclophorus volvulus (Müller, 1774) (basis of record)
Cyclotus bernardii (L. Pfeiffer, 1862) accepted as Opisthoporus bernardii (L. Pfeiffer, 1862) (basis of record)
Cyclotus porrectus Möllendorff, 1898 (basis of record)
Dicharax abdoui Páll-Gergely, 2017 (additional source)
Dicharax depressus (Bavay & Dautzenberg, 1912) (additional source)
Dicharax fimbriatus (Bavay & Dautzenberg, 1912) (basis of record)
Dioryx bacca (L. Pfeiffer, 1863) (basis of record)
Dioryx cariniger Möllendorff, 1897 (basis of record)
Dioryx messageri (Bavay & Dautzenberg, 1900) (basis of record)
Diplommatina belonis Möllendorff, 1900 (basis of record)
Diplommatina bifissurata Bavay & Dautzenberg, 1912 (basis of record)
Diplommatina clausilioides Bavay & Dautzenberg, 1912 (basis of record)
Diplommatina lemyrei Bavay & Dautzenberg, 1904 (basis of record)
Cambodia for Lagocheilus scissimargo (Benson, 1856) 
Laos for Aegista coudeini (Bavay & Dautzenberg, 1900) 
Laos for Aegista gitaena (Bavay & Dautzenberg, 1908) 
Laos for Aegista pseudotrochula (Bavay & Dautzenberg, 1909) 
Laos for Aegista subinflexa minor (Bavay & Dautzenberg, 1909) 
Laos for Allopeas gracilis [sic] 
Laos for Alycaeus vanbuensis Bavay & Dautzenberg, 1900 
Laos for Amimopina subangulatus (L. Pfeiffer, 1863) 
Laos for Amphidromus pervariabilis Bavay & Dautzenberg, 1909 
Laos for Amphidromus semitessellatus (Morlet, 1885)  (doubtful)
Laos for Apoecus corti (Bavay & Dautzenberg, 1909) 
Laos for Apoecus macrostoma (Bavay & Dautzenberg, 1912) 
Laos for Atopos laidlawi Collinge, 1902 
Laos for Boysidia paviei Bavay & Dautzenberg, 1912 
Laos for Bradybaena bocageana (Crosse, 1864) 
Laos for Bradybaena jourdyi (Morlet, 1886) 
Laos for Bradybaena similaris (Férussac, 1822) 
Laos for Camaena choboensis (Mabille, 1889) 
Laos for Camaena hainanensis (H. Adams, 1870)  (doubtful)
Laos for Chalepotaxis infantilis (Gredler, 1881) 
Laos for Chloritis caseus (L. Pfeiffer, 1860)  (doubtful)
Laos for Cryptozona siamensis (L. Pfeiffer, 1856) 
Laos for Cyclophorus siamensis (G. B. Sowerby I, 1850) 
Laos for Cyclophorus volvulus (Müller, 1774) 
Laos for Cyclotus bernardii (L. Pfeiffer, 1862) 
Laos for Dicharax fimbriatus (Bavay & Dautzenberg, 1912) 
Laos for Dioryx messageri (Bavay & Dautzenberg, 1900) 
Laos for Diplommatina belonis Möllendorff, 1900 
Laos for Diplommatina bifissurata Bavay & Dautzenberg, 1912 
Laos for Diplommatina clausilioides Bavay & Dautzenberg, 1912 
Laos for Diplommatina lemyrei Bavay & Dautzenberg, 1904  (doubtful)
Laos for Diplommatina messageri Ancey, 1904 
Laos for Discartemon discus (L. Pfeiffer, 1851) 
Laos for Durgella libas Solem, 1966 
Laos for Durgella rhaphiellus (Martens, 1867)  (doubtful)
Laos for Ganesella leptopomopsis (Dautzenberg & H. Fischer, 1908) 
Laos for Georissa decora Möllendorff, 1900 
Laos for Geotrochatella mouhoti (L. Pfeiffer, 1863) 
Laos for Giardia siamensis (Redfield, 1853) 
Laos for Glessula latestriata Möllendorff, 1899 
Laos for Glessula paviei Morlet, 1893 
Laos for Globotrochus onestera (Mabille, 1887)  (doubtful)
Laos for Gyliotrachela crossei (Morlet, 1886) 
Laos for Haploptychius fischeri (Morlet, 1886) 
Laos for Hemiplecta distincta (L. Pfeiffer, 1850) 
Laos for Hemiplecta dura (L. Pfeiffer, 1864)  (doubtful)
Laos for Hemiplecta esculenta Maassen, 2006 
Laos for Hemiplecta funerea (E. A. Smith, 1896) 
Laos for Kaliella ordinaria Ancey, 1904 
Laos for Kaliella ornatissima Bavay & Dautzenberg, 1912 
Laos for Kaliella tongkingensis Möllendorff, 1901 
Laos for Lagocheilus conicus (Martens, 1860) 
Laos for Lagocheilus klobukowskii (Morlet, 1885) 
Laos for Lagocheilus landesi (Morlet, 1885) 
Laos for Lagocheilus michaui (Crosse & P. Fischer, 1863) 
Laos for Lagocheilus scissimargo (Benson, 1856) 
Laos for Leptopoma annamiticum Möllendorff, 1900 
Laos for Lissachatina fulica (Bowdich, 1822) 
Laos for Macrochlamys tecta (Souleyet, 1852) 
Laos for Megaustenia malefica (J. Mabille, 1887) 
Laos for Megaustenia siamensis (Haines, 1855) 
Laos for Meghimatium bilineatum (Benson, 1842) 
Laos for Meghimatium pictum (Stoliczka, 1873) 
Laos for Microcystina messageri Ancey, 1904 
Laos for Microcystina mirmido (Dautzenberg, 1894)  (doubtful)
Laos for Microparmarion andamanica Collinge, 1901  (doubtful)
Laos for Parmarion martensi Simroth, 1893 
Laos for Perrottetia daedalea (Bavay & Dautzenberg, 1909) 
Laos for Phaedusa micropaviei H. Nordsieck, 2011 
Laos for Phaedusa paviei (Morlet, 1893) 
Laos for Plectotropis bonnieri (H. Fischer, 1898) 
Laos for Prosopeas anceyi Pilsbry, 1906 
Laos for Prosopeas excellens Bavay & Dautzenberg, 1909 
Laos for Prosopeas ventrosulum Bavay & Dautzenberg, 1909 
Laos for Pseudopomatias sophiae Páll-Gergely, 2015 
Laos for Pupina mouhoti L. Pfeiffer, 1861 
Laos for Pupinella mansuyi (Dautzenberg & H. Fischer, 1908) 
Laos for Pupisoma lignicola (Stoliczka, 1871) 
Laos for Quantula tenera (Möllendorff, 1901) 
Laos for Quantula weinkauffiana (Crosse & P. Fischer, 1863) 
Laos for Sarika benoiti (Crosse & P. Fischer, 1863) 
Laos for Sarika hainesii (L. Pfeiffer, 1856) 
Laos for Sarika resplendens (Philippi, 1847) 
Laos for Scabrina patera (L. Pfeiffer, 1854) 
Laos for Scabrina vanbuensis (E. A. Smith, 1896) 
Laos for Sesara bouyei (Crosse & Fischer, 1863) 
Laos for Synprosphyma moirati (Bavay & Dautzenberg, 1909) 
Laos for Trachia pseudomiara (Bavay & Dautzenberg, 1909) 
Laos for Trochomorpha saigonensis (Crosse, 1867) 
Laos for Trochomorpha saigonensis (Crosse, 1867) 
Laos for Valiguna siamensis (E. von Martens, 1867) 
Thailand for Cyclotus bernardii (L. Pfeiffer, 1862) 
Thailand for Leptopoma annamiticum Möllendorff, 1900 
Vietnam for Cyclophorus orthostylus Möllendorff, 1898 
Vietnam for Cyclophorus volvulus (Müller, 1774) 
Vietnam for Georissa decora Möllendorff, 1900 
Vietnam for Lagocheilus scissimargo (Benson, 1856) 

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