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Lasmigona Rafinesque, 1831

571696  (

Subgenus Lasmigona (Lasmigona)
Subgenus Lasmigona (Platynaias)
Subgenus Lasmigona (Sulcularia)
Species Lasmigona alabamensis Clarke, 1985
Species Lasmigona complanata (Barnes, 1823)
Species Lasmigona compressa (I. Lea, 1829)
Species Lasmigona costata (Rafinesque, 1820)
Species Lasmigona decorata (I. Lea, 1852)
Species Lasmigona etowaensis (Conrad, 1849)
Species Lasmigona holstonia (I. Lea, 1838)
Species Lasmigona subviridis (Conrad, 1835)

Subgenus Lasmigona (Alasminota) accepted as Lasmigona Rafinesque, 1831
Subgenus Lasmigona (Pterosygna) accepted as Lasmigona Rafinesque, 1831
Species Lasmigona alabamaensis Clarke, 1985 accepted as Lasmigona alabamensis Clarke, 1985 (incorrect subsequent spelling)
Species Lasmigona badia (Rafinesque, 1831) accepted as Lasmigona holstonia (I. Lea, 1838) (tentative synonym)
Species Lasmigona ponderosum (Rafinesque, 1831) accepted as Plectomerus dombeyanus (Valenciennes, 1827)
Species Lasmigona quadrata (I. Lea, 1861) accepted as Lasmigona subviridis (Conrad, 1835)
Species Lasmigona sulcatum (Rafinesque, 1831) accepted as Lasmigona costata (Rafinesque, 1820)
Species Lasmigona viridis Rafinesque, 1831 accepted as Lasmigona compressa (I. Lea, 1829)
marine, brackish, fresh, terrestrial
Not documented
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