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Melanopsis major "A. Férussac, 1823" †

822652  (

taxon inquirendum
marine, brackish, fresh, terrestrial
fossil only
Not documented
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basis of record Wenz, W. (1923-1930). Fossilium Catalogus I: Animalia. Gastropoda extramarina tertiaria. W. Junk, Berlin. Vol. I: 1-352 pp. (1923), Vol. II: 353-736 pp. (1923), Vol. III: 737-1068 pp. (1923), Vol. IV: 1069-1420 pp. (1923), Vol. V: 1421-1734 pp. (1923), Vol. VI: 1735-1862 pp. (1923), Vol. VII: 1863-2230 pp. (1926), Vol. VIII: 2231-2502 pp. (1928), Vol. IX: 2503-2886 pp. (1929), Vol. X: 2887-3014 pp. (1929), Vol. XI: 3015-3387 pp. (1930)., available online at
page(s): 2773 [details]   
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Validity This name has appeared several times in the literature (e.g., Bronn 1848: 717; Wenz 1929: 2773), but it is based on an error. Férussac (1823: 154) actually described Melanopsis dufourii var. ε and listed "Fossilis, major. Férussac" in synonymy referring to plate 1 of the "Mélanopsides fossiles" of his "Histoire naturelle" (Férussac 1819-1851). However, in the captions of plate 1, it is given as "Melanops. Dufourii, var. ε). Fossilis, maxima". Obviously neither major nor maxima was intended as species-group name by Férussac. Later, the name would have been a junior homonym of M. buccinoidea major Grateloup, 1838. [details]

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