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Carinifex Binney in Carpenter, 1864

992807  (

 unaccepted (junior synonym)
Species Carinifex minor (J.G. Cooper, 1870)
Species Carinifex newberryi (I. Lea, 1858)

Subgenus Carinifex (Vortifex) Meek, 1870 † accepted as Vorticifex Meek, 1870 † (Original spelling Vortifex, but consistently treated as an incorrect original spelling)
Species Carinifex binneyi Meek, 1870 † accepted as Vorticifex binneyi (Meek, 1870) † (new combination)
Species Carinifex brevispira Yen, 1946 † accepted as Helisoma brevispira (Yen, 1946) † (new combination)
Species Carinifex malheurensis Henderson & Rodeck, 1934 † accepted as Helisoma malheurense (Henderson & Rodeck, 1934) † (new combination)
Species Carinifex marshalli Arnold, 1909 † accepted as Helisoma marshalli (Arnold, 1909) † (new combination)
Species Carinifex quadrangulus Neumayr in Herbich & Neumayr, 1875 † accepted as Gyraulus quadrangulus (Neumayr in Herbich & Neumayr, 1875) † (new combination)
Species Carinifex sanctaeclarae Hannibal, 1909 † accepted as Helisoma sanctaeclarae (Hannibal, 1909) † (new combination)
Species Carinifex shotwelli D.W. Taylor, 1963 † accepted as Helisoma shotwelli (D.W. Taylor, 1963) † (new combination)
Species Carinifex slavonicus Brusina, 1897 † accepted as Gyraulus (Gyraulus) slavonicus (Brusina, 1897) † represented as Gyraulus slavonicus (Brusina, 1897) † (new combination)
Species Carinifex tryoni Meek, 1870 † accepted as Vorticifex tryoni (Meek, 1870) †
marine, brackish, fresh, terrestrial
Not documented
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source of synonymy Johnson, P. D.; Bogan, A. E.; Brown, K. M.; Burkhead, N. M.; Cordeiro, J. R.; Garner, J. T.; Hartfield, P. D.; Lepitzki, D. A. W.; Mackie, G. L.; Tarpley, T. A.; Tiemann, J. S.; Whelan, N. V.; Strong, E. E. (2013). Conservation status of freshwater gastropods of Canada and the United States. <em>Fisheries.</em> 38(6): 247-282., available online at
note: Synonym not explicitly indicated, but the type species of Carinifex (Planorbis newberryi Lea, 1858) is attributed to Helisoma[details]  Available for editors  PDF available [request]