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Carinifex Binney in Carpenter, 1864

992807  (

 unaccepted (junior synonym)
Species Carinifex minor (J.G. Cooper, 1870)
Species Carinifex newberryi (I. Lea, 1858)

Subgenus Carinifex (Vortifex) Meek, 1870 † accepted as Vorticifex Meek, 1870 † (Original spelling Vortifex, but consistently treated as an incorrect original spelling)
Species Carinifex atopus Chamberlin & Jones, 1929 accepted as Carinifex newberryi (I. Lea, 1858)
Species Carinifex binneyi Meek, 1870 † accepted as Vorticifex binneyi (Meek, 1870) † (new combination)
Species Carinifex brevispira Yen, 1946 † accepted as Helisoma brevispira (Yen, 1946) † (new combination)
Species Carinifex jacksonensis Henderson, 1932 accepted as Carinifex newberryi (I. Lea, 1858)
Species Carinifex malheurensis Henderson & Rodeck, 1934 † accepted as Helisoma malheurense (Henderson & Rodeck, 1934) † (new combination)
Species Carinifex marshalli Arnold, 1909 † accepted as Helisoma marshalli (Arnold, 1909) † (new combination)
Species Carinifex occidentalis Hanna, 1924 accepted as Carinifex newberryi (I. Lea, 1858)
Species Carinifex ponsonbyi E. A. Smith, 1876 accepted as Carinifex newberryi (I. Lea, 1858)
Species Carinifex quadrangulus Neumayr in Herbich & Neumayr, 1875 † accepted as Gyraulus quadrangulus (Neumayr in Herbich & Neumayr, 1875) † (new combination)
Species Carinifex sanctaeclarae Hannibal, 1909 † accepted as Helisoma sanctaeclarae (Hannibal, 1909) † (new combination)
Species Carinifex shotwelli D.W. Taylor, 1963 † accepted as Helisoma shotwelli (D.W. Taylor, 1963) † (new combination)
Species Carinifex slavonicus Brusina, 1897 † accepted as Gyraulus (Gyraulus) slavonicus (Brusina, 1897) † represented as Gyraulus slavonicus (Brusina, 1897) † (new combination)
Species Carinifex tryoni Meek, 1870 † accepted as Vorticifex tryoni (Meek, 1870) †
marine, brackish, fresh, terrestrial
Not documented
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source of synonymy Johnson, P. D.; Bogan, A. E.; Brown, K. M.; Burkhead, N. M.; Cordeiro, J. R.; Garner, J. T.; Hartfield, P. D.; Lepitzki, D. A. W.; Mackie, G. L.; Tarpley, T. A.; Tiemann, J. S.; Whelan, N. V.; Strong, E. E. (2013). Conservation status of freshwater gastropods of Canada and the United States. <em>Fisheries.</em> 38(6): 247-282., available online at
note: Synonym not explicitly indicated, but the type species of Carinifex (Planorbis newberryi Lea, 1858) is attributed to Helisoma[details]  Available for editors  PDF available [request] 

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