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Gonaxis J. W. Taylor, 1877

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Gonaxis gibbonsi Taylor, 1877 (type by monotypy)
Gonaxis (Gonaxis) J. W. Taylor, 1877· accepted, alternate representation
Gonaxis (Stenomarconia) Germain, 1934· accepted, alternate representation
Species Gonaxis abessinicus (Thiele, 1933)
Species Gonaxis aethiopicus (Thiele, 1933)
Species Gonaxis albidus (L. Pfeiffer, 1845)
Species Gonaxis benthencourti (Nobre, 1905)
Species Gonaxis blacklocki Connolly, 1928
Species Gonaxis bottegoi (E. von Martens, 1895)
Species Gonaxis breviculus (E. A. Smith, 1890)
Species Gonaxis camerunensis (D'Ailly, 1896)
Species Gonaxis cressyi Connolly, 1922
Species Gonaxis denticulatus (Dohrn, 1878)
Species Gonaxis gibbonsi Taylor, 1877
Species Gonaxis gibbosa (Bourguignat, 1889)
Species Gonaxis johnstoni (E. A. Smith, 1899)
Species Gonaxis kivuensis (Preston, 1913)
Species Gonaxis lata (E. A. Smith, 1880)
Species Gonaxis latula (E. von Martens, 1895)
Species Gonaxis mamboiensis (E. A. Smith, 1890)
Species Gonaxis maugerae (J. E. Gray, 1837)
Species Gonaxis micans (Putzeys, 1899)
Species Gonaxis monrovia (Rang, 1831)
Species Gonaxis mozambicensis (E. A. Smith, 1880)
Species Gonaxis pileolus Connolly, 1928
Species Gonaxis prostratus (L. Pfeiffer, 1856)
Species Gonaxis pupilla (Morelet, 1888)
Species Gonaxis schweitzeri (Dohrn, 1878)
Species Gonaxis sudanicus (Preston, 1914)
Species Gonaxis translucidus (Dupuis & Putzeys, 1901)
Species Gonaxis turbinatus (Morelet, 1867)
Species Gonaxis vitreus (Morelet, 1867)
Species Gonaxis vulcani (Thiele, 1911)
Species Gonaxis welwitschi (Morelet, 1867)

Species Gonaxis inermis (Morelet, 1864) (taxon inquirendum)

Subgenus Gonaxis (Gonaxis) J. W. Taylor, 1877 represented as Gonaxis J. W. Taylor, 1877
Subgenus Gonaxis (Stenomarconia) Germain, 1934 represented as Gonaxis J. W. Taylor, 1877

Subgenus Gonaxis (Eustreptaxis) L. Pfeiffer, 1878 accepted as Streptaxis Gray, 1837
Subgenus Gonaxis (Macrogonaxis) Thiele, 1932 accepted as Tayloria (Macrogonaxis) Thiele, 1932 represented as Tayloria Bourguignat, 1889 (superseded combination)
Subgenus Gonaxis (Marconia) Bourguignat, 1889 accepted as Gonaxis J. W. Taylor, 1877 (junior synonym)
  » Species Gonaxis (Marconia) vitreus (Morelet, 1867) accepted as Gonaxis vitreus (Morelet, 1867) (superseded combination)
Species Gonaxis bloyeti Bourguignat, 1889 accepted as Afristreptaxis bloyeti (Bourguignat, 1889) (superseded combination)
Species Gonaxis cavallii (Pollonera, 1906) accepted as Pseudogonaxis cavallii (Pollonera, 1906) (superseded combination)
Species Gonaxis craveni (E. A. Smith, 1880) accepted as Tayloria craveni (E. A. Smith, 1880) (superseded combination)
Species Gonaxis elongatus (Fulton, 1899) accepted as Afristreptaxis elongatus (Fulton, 1899)
Species Gonaxis enneoides (E. von Martens, 1878) accepted as Tayloria enneoides (E. von Martens, 1878) (superseded combination)
Species Gonaxis gwandaensis (Preston, 1912) accepted as Tayloria gwandaensis (Preston, 1912) (superseded combination)
Species Gonaxis kibweziensis (E. A. Smith, 1894) accepted as Tayloria kibweziensis (E. A. Smith, 1894) (superseded combination)
Species Gonaxis kirki accepted as Gonaxis kirkii (Dohrn, 1865) accepted as Pseudogonaxis kirkii (Dohrn, 1865) (misspelling)
Species Gonaxis kirkii (Dohrn, 1865) accepted as Pseudogonaxis kirkii (Dohrn, 1865) (superseded combination)
Species Gonaxis nsendweensis (Putzeys, 1899) accepted as Pseudogonaxis nsendweensis (Putzeys, 1899) (superseded combination)
Species Gonaxis ordinarius (E. A. Smith, 1890) accepted as Gonaxis denticulatus (Dohrn, 1878) (junior synonym)
Species Gonaxis percivali (Preston, 1913) accepted as Pseudogonaxis percivali (Preston, 1913) (superseded combination)
Species Gonaxis pusillus (E. von Martens, 1897) accepted as Pseudogonaxis pusillus (E. von Martens, 1897) (superseded combination)
Species Gonaxis quadrlateralis (Preston, 1910) accepted as Tayloria quadrilateralis (Preston, 1910) (superseded combination)
Species Gonaxis souleyetianus (Petit de la Saussaye, 1841) accepted as Seychellaxis souleyetianus (Petit de la Saussaye, 1841) (superseded combination)
Species Gonaxis stenostoma Verdcourt, 1965 accepted as Pseudogonaxis stenostoma (Verdcourt, 1965) (original combination)
Species Gonaxis ukamicus (Thiele, 1911) accepted as Afristreptaxis ukamicus (Thiele, 1911)
Species Gonaxis ulugurensis Verdcourt, 1965 accepted as Afristreptaxis ulugurensis (Verdcourt, 1965) (original combination)
Species Gonaxis vengoensis Connolly, 1922 accepted as Afristreptaxis vengoensis (Connolly, 1922) (superseded combination)
Species Gonaxis vosseleri (Thiele, 1911) accepted as Afristreptaxis vosseleri (Thiele, 1911) (superseded combination)
Species Gonaxis woodhousei (Preston, 1913) accepted as Gonaxis pusillus woodhousei (Preston, 1913) accepted as Pseudogonaxis pusillus woodhousei (Preston, 1913)
marine, brackish, fresh, terrestrial
Not documented
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