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Nuculidae Gray, 1824

204  (

Genus Acila H. Adams & A. Adams, 1858
Genus Austronucula Powell, 1939
Genus Brevinucula Thiele, 1934
Genus Condylonucula D. R. Moore, 1977
Genus Dacryomya Agassiz, 1840 †
Genus Ennucula Iredale, 1931
Genus Gibbonucula Eames, 1951 †
Genus Iheringinucula del Río & Camacho, 1996 †
Genus Lacia Slodkewitsch, 1967 †
Genus Leionucula Quenstedt, 1930 †
Genus Linucula Marwick, 1931
Genus Lissanucula Woodring, 1973 †
Genus Neonucula T. C. Lan & Y.-C. Lee, 2001
Genus Nucula Lamarck, 1799
Genus Nuculoidea H. S. Williams & Breger, 1916 †
Genus Nuculoma Cossmann, 1907 †
Genus Nuculopsis Girty, 1911 †
Genus Palaeonucula W. Quenstedt, 1930 †
Genus Pronucula Hedley, 1902
Genus Quadratonucula Dickins, 1963 †
Genus Sinonucula F.-S. Xu, 1985
Genus Trigonucula Ichikawa, 1949 †
Genus Varinucula P. A. Maxwell, 1988

Genus Deminucula Iredale, 1931 accepted as Nucula Lamarck, 1799 (synonym)
Genus Lamellinucula Schenck, 1944 accepted as Nucula (Lamellinucula) Schenck, 1944 accepted as Nucula Lamarck, 1799
Genus Lionucula Thiele, 1934 accepted as Leionucula Quenstedt, 1930 † (unjustified emendation of Leionucula)
Subfamily Nuculominae P. A. Maxwell, 1988 accepted as Nuculidae Gray, 1824
Genus Nuculopsis Woodring, 1925 † accepted as Lissanucula Woodring, 1973 † (Invalid: not Girty, 1911)
Genus Polyodonta Megerle von Mühlfeld, 1811 accepted as Nucula Lamarck, 1799 (objective synonym of Nucula)
Genus Rumptunucula Bergmans, 1978 accepted as Nucula (Rumptunucula) Bergmans, 1978 represented as Nucula Lamarck, 1799
Not documented
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 Present  Inaccurate  Introduced: alien  Containing type locality 
Dutch parelmoerneuten  [details]
English nut shells  [details]
Swedish nötmusslor  [details]

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