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Scrobs R. B. Watson, 1886

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Species Scrobs parvula (Vélain, 1877)
Species Scrobs subtruncata (Vélain, 1877)

Subgenus Scrobs (Nannoscrobs) Finlay, 1926 accepted as Anabathron (Scrobs) R. B. Watson, 1886 represented as Anabathron Frauenfeld, 1867
Species Scrobs bartrumi Laws, 1950 † accepted as Anabathron bartrumi (Laws, 1950) †
Species Scrobs chattonensis Laws, 1948 † accepted as Anabathron (Scrobs) chattonensis (Laws, 1948) † represented as Anabathron chattonensis (Laws, 1948) †
Species Scrobs compressa Laseron, 1956 accepted as Pisinna compressa (Laseron, 1956)
Species Scrobs crassiconus Powell, 1933 accepted as Pseudestea crassiconus (Powell, 1933) (original combination)
Species Scrobs delta Laseron, 1950 accepted as Anabathron luteofuscum (May, 1920)
Species Scrobs elongata Powell, 1927 accepted as Anabathron elongatum (Powell, 1927)
Species Scrobs excelsus Powell, 1933 accepted as Anabathron excelsum (Powell, 1933)
Species Scrobs fulcira Laseron, 1956 accepted as Amphithalamus fulcira (Laseron, 1956) (original combination)
Species Scrobs hedleyi (Suter, 1908) accepted as Anabathron hedleyi (Suter, 1908)
Species Scrobs incipiens Laseron, 1956 accepted as Pisinna incipiens (Laseron, 1956)
Species Scrobs kaawaensis Laws, 1936 † accepted as Anabathron kaawaensis (Laws, 1936) † (original combination)
Species Scrobs latoscrobis Laws, 1948 † accepted as Anabathron (Scrobs) latoscrobis (Laws, 1948) † represented as Anabathron latoscrobis (Laws, 1948) †
Species Scrobs oblata Laseron, 1956 accepted as Pisinna oblata (Laseron, 1956)
Species Scrobs ovata Powell, 1927 accepted as Anabathron ovatum (Powell, 1927)
Species Scrobs pluteus Laseron, 1950 accepted as Anabathron pluteus (Laseron, 1950)
Species Scrobs praeco Laws, 1941 † accepted as Anabathron praeco (Laws, 1941) † (original combination)
Species Scrobs pyramidatus Hedley, 1903 accepted as Pseudestea pyramidata (Hedley, 1903) (original combination)
Species Scrobs pyramis Laseron, 1950 accepted as Amphithalamus pyramis (Laseron, 1950) (original combination)
Species Scrobs quartus Laws, 1950 † accepted as Anabathron quartus (Laws, 1950) †
Species Scrobs rugulosa Powell, 1930 accepted as Anabathron rugulosum (Powell, 1930) (original combination)
Species Scrobs scrobiculator R. B. Watson, 1886 accepted as Anabathron scrobiculator (R. B. Watson, 1886) (original combination)
Species Scrobs scrobis Laws, 1950 † accepted as Anabathron (Scrobs) scrobis (Laws, 1950) † represented as Anabathron scrobis (Laws, 1950) †
Species Scrobs trailli Powell, 1939 accepted as Anabathron (Scrobs) trailli (Powell, 1939) represented as Anabathron trailli (Powell, 1939)
Species Scrobs tropica Laseron, 1956 accepted as Pisinna tropica (Laseron, 1956)
Species Scrobs vincula Laseron, 1950 accepted as Pisinna vincula (Laseron, 1950)
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additional source Ponder, W. F. (1967). The classification of the Rissoidae and Orbitestellidae with descriptions of some new taxa. <em>Transactions of the Royal Society of New Zealand, Zoology.</em> 9(17): 193-224, pls 1-13.
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