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“Montereina” sensu Dayrat, 2010

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Species “Montereina” achroma (Valdés, 2001) represented as Discodoris achroma Valdés, 2001
Species “Montereina” aurea (Eliot, 1903) represented as Peltodoris aurea Eliot, 1904
Species “Montereina” aurila (Marcus & Marcus, 1967) represented as Diaulula aurila (Marcus & Marcus, 1967)
Species “Montereina” branneri (MacFarland, 1909) represented as Discodoris branneri MacFarland, 1909
Species “Montereina” coerulescens (Bergh, 1888) represented as Discodoris coerulescens Bergh, 1888
Species “Montereina” concinna (Alder & Hancock, 1864) represented as Discodoris concinna (Alder & Hancock, 1864)
Species “Montereina” crucis (Ørsted in Mörch, 1863) represented as Discodoris crucis (Ørsted in Mörch, 1863)
Species “Montereina” erubescens (Bergh, 1884) represented as Discodoris erubescens Bergh, 1884
Species “Montereina” flindersi (Burn, 1962) represented as Anisodoris flindersi Burn, 1962 accepted as Diaulula flindersi (Burn, 1962)
Species “Montereina” golaia (Marcus & Marcus, 1966) represented as Discodoris golaia Marcus & Marcus, 1966
Species “Montereina” greeleyi (MacFarland, 1909) represented as Diaulula greeleyi (MacFarland, 1909)
Species “Montereina” igla (Marcus & Marcus, 1967) represented as Peltodoris hummelincki igla Marcus & Marcus, 1967
Species “Montereina” labifera (Abraham, 1877) represented as Discodoris labifera (Abraham, 1877)
Species “Montereina” lancei (Millen & Bertsch, 2000) represented as Peltodoris lancei Millen & Bertsch, 2000
Species “Montereina” lentiginosa (Millen, 1982) represented as Diaulula lentiginosa (Millen, 1982) accepted as Peltodoris lentiginosa (Millen, 1982)
Species “Montereina” lippa (Valdés, 2001) represented as Peltodoris lippa Valdés, 2001
Species “Montereina” modesta (Bergh, 1877) represented as Discodoris modesta Bergh, 1877
Species “Montereina” mortenseni (Ev. Marcus & Er. Marcus, 1963) represented as Discodoris mortenseni Ev. Marcus & Er. Marcus, 1963
Species “Montereina” muta (Bergh, 1877) represented as Discodoris muta Bergh, 1877
Species “Montereina” notha (Bergh, 1877) represented as Discodoris notha Bergh, 1877
Species “Montereina” opisthidia (Bergh, 1877) represented as Discodoris opisthidia Bergh, 1877
Species “Montereina” pallida (Baba, 1937) represented as Discodoris pallida Baba, 1937
Species “Montereina” pardalis (Alder & Hancock, 1864) represented as Discodoris pardalis (Alder & Hancock, 1864)
Species “Montereina” paroa (Burn, 1969) represented as Discodoris paroa Burn, 1969
Species “Montereina” phoca (Ev. Marcus & Er. Marcus, 1967) represented as Diaulula phoca (Ev. Marcus & Er. Marcus, 1967)
Species “Montereina” punctifera (Abraham, 1877) represented as Peltodoris punctifera (Abraham, 1877)
Species “Montereina” purcina (Ev. Marcus & Er. Marcus, 1967) represented as Discodoris purcina Ev. Marcus & Er. Marcus, 1967
Species “Montereina” rubra (Bergh, 1905) represented as Peltodoris rubra (Bergh, 1905)

Species “Montereina” aliciae (Dayrat, 2005) (unavailable name: originally published in a non-binominal work)
Not documented
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basis of record Dayrat B. (2010). A monographic revision of basal discodorid sea slugs (Gastropoda, Opisthobranchia, Nudibranchia, Doridina). <em>Proceedings of the California Academy of Sciences.</em> Series 4, vol. 61, suppl. I, 1-403, 382 figs.
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