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Iglica (Iglica) A. J. Wagner, 1928

1000093  (

alternate representation

Species Iglica (Iglica) acicularis Angelov, 1959 represented as Iglica acicularis Angelov, 1959
Species Iglica (Iglica) elongata Kuščer, 1933 represented as Iglica elongata Kuščer, 1933
Species Iglica (Iglica) gratulabunda (A. J. Wagner, 1910) represented as Iglica gratulabunda (A. J. Wagner, 1910)
Species Iglica (Iglica) kleinzellensis P. L. Reischütz, 1981 represented as Iglica kleinzellensis P. L. Reischütz, 1981
Species Iglica (Iglica) langhofferi A. J. Wagner, 1928 represented as Iglica langhofferi A. J. Wagner, 1928
Species Iglica (Iglica) luxurians (Kuščer, 1932) represented as Iglica luxurians (Kuščer, 1932)
Species Iglica (Iglica) tellinii (Pollonera, 1887) represented as Iglica tellinii (Pollonera, 1887)
Species Iglica (Iglica) wolfischeri A. Reischütz & P. L. Reischütz, 2004 represented as Iglica wolfischeri A. Reischutz & P. L. Reischutz, 2004

Species Iglica (Iglica) forumjuliana (Pollonera, 1887) accepted as Iglica forumjuliana (Pollonera, 1887)
Species Iglica (Iglica) gracilis (Clessin, 1882) accepted as Iglica gracilis (Clessin, 1882)
Species Iglica (Iglica) hauffeni (Brusina, 1886) accepted as Iglica hauffeni (Brusina, 1886)

Species Iglica (Iglica) concii (Allegretti, 1944) (uncertain)
Species Iglica (Iglica) giustii Bodon & Giovanelli, 1995 (uncertain)
Species Iglica (Iglica) pezzolii Boeters, 1971 (uncertain)
Species Iglica (Iglica) relicta (Kuščer, 1937) (uncertain)
Species Iglica (Iglica) velkovrhi De Mattia, 2007 (uncertain)
Species Iglica (Iglica) vobarnensis (Pezzoli & Toffoletto, 1968) (uncertain)
marine, brackish, fresh, terrestrial
Not documented
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