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Aegista (Plectotropis) E. von Martens, 1860

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Species Aegista (Plectotropis) scabricula (A. Adams, 1868) accepted as Plectotropis scabricula (A. Adams, 1868) (taxon inquirendum)
Species Aegista (Plectotropis) setocincta (A. Adams, 1868) accepted as Plectotropis setocincta (A. Adams, 1868) (taxon inquirendum)

Species Aegista (Plectotropis) hebes (Pilsbry & Hirase, 1905) represented as Aegista hebes (Pilsbry & Hirase, 1905)
Species Aegista (Plectotropis) impexa (Pilsbry & Hirase, 1905) represented as Aegista impexa (Pilsbry & Hirase, 1905)
Species Aegista (Plectotropis) lautsi (Schmacker & Böttger, 1891) represented as Aegista lautsi (Schmacker & Böttger, 1891)
Species Aegista (Plectotropis) perplexa (Pilsbry & Hirase, 1905) represented as Aegista perplexa (Pilsbry & Hirase, 1905)

Species Aegista (Plectotropis) aemula (Gude, 1900) accepted as Plectotropis aemula (Gude, 1900)
Species Aegista (Plectotropis) conella (A. Adams, 1868) accepted as Plectotropis conella (A. Adams, 1868)
Species Aegista (Plectotropis) conomphala Pilsbry & Hirase, 1903 accepted as Plectotropis conomphala Pilsbry & Hirase, 1903
Species Aegista (Plectotropis) diversa Kuroda & Miyanaga, 1936 accepted as Aegista diversa Kuroda & Miyanaga, 1936
Species Aegista (Plectotropis) elegantissima (L. Pfeiffer, 1849) accepted as Plectotropis elegantissima (L. Pfeiffer, 1849)
Species Aegista (Plectotropis) esakii Kuroda, 1973 accepted as Plectotropis esakii (Kuroda, 1973)
Species Aegista (Plectotropis) fulvicans (H. Adams, 1866) accepted as Aegista fulvicans (H. Adams, 1866) (unaccepted combination)
Species Aegista (Plectotropis) hatakedai Kuroda & Habe, 1951 accepted as Plectotropis hatakedai Kuroda & Habe, 1951
Species Aegista (Plectotropis) horrida (Pilsbry, 1900) accepted as Plectotropis horrida (Pilsbry, 1900)
Species Aegista (Plectotropis) inexpectata Kuroda & Minato, 1977 accepted as Plectotropis inexpectata Kuroda & Minato, 1977
Species Aegista (Plectotropis) inrinensis (Pilsbry & Hirase, 1905) accepted as Aegista inrinensis (Pilsbry & Hirase, 1905) (unaccepted combination)
Species Aegista (Plectotropis) itoi Kuroda & Azuma, 1982 accepted as Plectotropis itoi Kuroda & Azuma, 1982
Species Aegista (Plectotropis) kiusiuensis (Pilsbry, 1900) accepted as Plectotropis kiusiuensis (Pilsbry, 1900)
Species Aegista (Plectotropis) lepidophora (Gude, 1900) accepted as Plectotropis lepidophora (Gude, 1900)
Species Aegista (Plectotropis) mackensii (Adams & Reeve, 1850) accepted as Plectotropis mackensii (Adams & Reeve, 1850) (unaccepted combination)
Species Aegista (Plectotropis) marginata (Pilsbry & Hirase, 1903) accepted as Plectotropis marginata (Pilsbry & Hirase, 1903)
Species Aegista (Plectotropis) nunobikiensis Ogaito & Sorita, 1981 accepted as Plectotropis nunobikiensis Ogaito & Sorita, 1981
Species Aegista (Plectotropis) omiensis (Pilsbry, 1901) accepted as Plectotropis omiensis (Pilsbry, 1902)
Species Aegista (Plectotropis) osbeckii (Philippi, 1847) accepted as Plectotropis osbeckii (Philippi, 1847)
Species Aegista (Plectotropis) pannosa (Pilsbry, 1902) accepted as Plectotropis pannosa (Pilsbry, 1902)
Species Aegista (Plectotropis) pressa (Pilsbry & Hirase, 1904) accepted as Plectotropis pressa (Pilsbry & Hirase, 1904)
Species Aegista (Plectotropis) scepasma (Reeve, 1854) accepted as Plectotropis scepasma (Reeve, 1854)
Species Aegista (Plectotropis) shermani (L. Pfeiffer, 1865) accepted as Aegista shermani (L. Pfeiffer, 1865) (unaccepted combination)
Species Aegista (Plectotropis) taiwanica Kuroda, 1941 accepted as Aegista taiwanica Kuroda, 1941 (basionym)
marine, brackish, fresh, terrestrial
Not documented
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