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Pleurodonte Fischer von Waldheim, 1807

870600  (

Species Pleurodonte lehneri (Trechmann, 1935) †
Species Pleurodonte wilsoni Roth, 1984 †

Species Pleurodonte norica Binder, 2004 † (taxon inquirendum, Systematic classification uncertain: certainly not a member of the recent genus Pleurodonte from the Antilles)

Subgenus Pleurodonte (Dentellaria) Schumacher, 1817 accepted as Dentellaria Schumacher, 1817
Species Pleurodonte amabilis (C. B. Adams, 1850) accepted as Dentellaria amabilis (C. B. Adams, 1850)
Species Pleurodonte anomala (Pfeiffer, 1849) accepted as Dentellaria anomala (Pfeiffer, 1849)
Species Pleurodonte atavus (Pfeiffer, 1859) accepted as Dentellaria atavus (Pfeiffer, 1859)
Species Pleurodonte bainbridgii (Pfeiffer, 1845) accepted as Lucerna bainbridgii (Pfeiffer, 1845)
Species Pleurodonte bowdeniana Simpson, 1895 † accepted as Lucerna bowdeniana (Simpson, 1895) † (new combination)
Species Pleurodonte bronni (Pfeiffer, 1846) accepted as Dentellaria bronni (Pfeiffer, 1846)
Species Pleurodonte candescens (C. B. Adams, 1850) accepted as Dentellaria candescens (C. B. Adams, 1850)
Species Pleurodonte cara (C. B. Adams, 1849) accepted as Dentellaria cara (C. B. Adams, 1849)
Species Pleurodonte carmelita (Férussac, 1821) accepted as Lucerna mora (Gray in Griffith & Pidgeon, 1833)
Species Pleurodonte catadupae H. B. Baker, 1935 accepted as Dentellaria catadupae (H. B. Baker, 1935)
Species Pleurodonte chemnitziana (Pfeiffer, 1845) accepted as Lucerna chemnitziana (Pfeiffer, 1845)
Species Pleurodonte crusta (Dall, 1890) † accepted as Cepolis (Plagioptycha) crusta (Dall, 1890) † represented as Cepolis crusta (Dall, 1890) †
Species Pleurodonte cunctator (Dall, 1890) † accepted as Cepolis (Plagioptycha) cunctator (Dall, 1890) † represented as Cepolis cunctator (Dall, 1890) †
Species Pleurodonte diespiter (Dall, 1890) † accepted as Pleurodontites diespiter (Dall, 1890) †
Species Pleurodonte eohippina Cockerell, 1915 † accepted as Eohipptychia eohippina (Cockerell, 1915) † (new combination)
Species Pleurodonte haruspica (Dall, 1890) † accepted as Pleurodontites haruspica (Dall, 1890) †
Species Pleurodonte hesperarche (Cockerell, 1914) † accepted as Hodopoeus hesperarche (Cockerell, 1914) †
Species Pleurodonte ingens (C. B. Adams, 1850) accepted as Lucerna lamarckii (Férussac, 1821)
Species Pleurodonte kendrickensis Mansfield, 1937 † accepted as Pleurodontites kendrickensis (Mansfield, 1937) † (new combination)
Species Pleurodonte lucerna (Müller, 1774) accepted as Lucerna lucerna (Müller, 1774)
Species Pleurodonte michalkovaci Binder & Harzhauser in Harzhauser et al., 2008 † accepted as Pseudochloritis michalkovaci (Binder & Harzhauser in Harzhauser et al., 2008) † (new combination)
Species Pleurodonte mora (Gray in Griffith & Pidgeon, 1833) accepted as Lucerna mora (Gray in Griffith & Pidgeon, 1833)
Species Pleurodonte okeniana (Pfeiffer, 1845) accepted as Dentellaria okeniana (Pfeiffer, 1845)
marine, brackish, fresh, terrestrial
Not documented
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