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Stomatellinae Gray, 1840

382176  (

Genus Calliotrochus P. Fischer, 1879
Genus Microtis H. Adams & A. Adams, 1850
Genus Pseudostomatella Thiele, 1924
Genus Stomatella Lamarck, 1816
Genus Stomatia Helbling, 1779
Genus Stomatolina Iredale, 1937

Genus Miraconcha Bergh, 1908 (taxon inquirendum)
Genus Niphonia A. Adams, 1860 (taxon inquirendum)
Genus Phaneta H. Adams, 1871 (taxon inquirendum, homonym of Phaneta Stephens, 1852 [Lepidoptera])

Genus Gena Gray, 1842 accepted as Stomatella Lamarck, 1816 (synonymy of type species)
Genus Microtina A. Adams in Sowerby, 1854 accepted as Microtis H. Adams & A. Adams, 1850 (Not available : established conditionally as a substitute name for Microtis A. Adams, 1850 if considered a homonym of the plant genus Microtis R. Brown. However, A. Adams kept using Microtis as the valid name)
Genus Plocamotis P. Fischer, 1885 accepted as Stomatella Lamarck, 1816
Genus Stomax Montfort, 1810 accepted as Stomatia Helbling, 1779 (unnecessary substitute name for Stomatia)
Not documented
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basis of record Williams S.T., Donald K.M., Spencer H.G. & Nakano T. (2010) Molecular systematics of the marine gastropod families Trochidae and Calliostomatidae (Mollusca: Superfamily Trochoidea). <i>Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution</i> 54:783-809. [details]   
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