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Helicostylinae Ihering, 1909

994783  (

Cochlostylidae Möllendorff, 1890 (unused senior synonym)
Pfeifferiinae Gray, 1855 (unused senior synonym)
Genus Anixa Pilsbry, 1895
Genus Calocochlea Hartmann, 1843
Genus Canistrum Mörch, 1852
Genus Chloraea Albers, 1850
Genus Chrysallis Albers, 1850
Genus Cochlodryas Martens, 1860
Genus Cochlostyla Férussac, 1821
Genus Dolichostyla Pilsbry, 1896
Genus Dryocochlias Möllendorff, 1898
Genus Helicobulinus Broderip, 1841
Genus Helicostyla Férussac, 1821
Genus Hypselostyla L. Pfeiffer, 1868
Genus Leytia Pilsbry, 1891
Genus Mesanella Clench & Turner, 1952
Genus Orustia Mörch, 1852
Genus Pachya Albers, 1850
Genus Pachysphaera Pilsbry, 1892
Genus Pfeifferia Gray, 1853
Genus Phengus Albers, 1850
Genus Phoenicobius Mörch, 1852
Genus Pyrochilus Pilsbry, 1893
Genus Trachystyla Pilsbry, 1892

Genus Axina Albers, 1850 accepted as Anixa Pilsbry, 1895 (Invalid: junior homonym of Axina Kirby, 1819 [Coleoptera]; Anixa is a replacement name)
Genus Callicochlias Agassiz, 1847 accepted as Cochlostyla (Calocochlea) Hartmann, 1843 accepted as Calocochlea Hartmann, 1843 (unjustified emendation of the original name Calocochlea)
Genus Calocochlia Hartmann, 1840 accepted as Calocochlea Hartmann, 1843 (unavailable; nomen nudum)
Genus Chromocochlea Hartmann, 1842 accepted as Helicobulinus Broderip, 1841
Genus Chrysalis auct. accepted as Chrysallis Albers, 1850 (incorrect subsequent spelling)
Genus Coenobita Gistel, 1848 accepted as Helicobulinus Broderip, 1841
Genus Corasia Albers, 1850 accepted as Chloraea Albers, 1850 (Invalid: junior homonym of Corasia Huebner, 1826 [Lepidoptera])
Genus Eudoxus Albers, 1850 accepted as Helicostyla (Eudoxus) Albers, 1850 represented as Helicostyla Férussac, 1821
Genus Halocochlea Bartsch, 1932 accepted as Helicostyla (Calocochlea) Hartmann, 1843 accepted as Calocochlea Hartmann, 1843
Genus Helicobulimus Möllendorff, 1898 accepted as Helicobulinus Broderip, 1841 (unjustified emendation of original genus name Helicobulinus Broderip, 1841)
Genus Hypoptychus Pilsbry, 1893 accepted as Pachya Albers, 1850 (invalid; nom. nov. pro Ptychostylus Möllendorff, 1888; preoccupied by Hypoptychus Steindachner, 1880 [Pisces])
Genus Hypselostylus [sic] accepted as Hypselostyla L. Pfeiffer, 1868 (unjustified spelling change to original genus, Hypselostyla L. Pfeiffer, 1868)
Genus Orthostylus Beck, 1837 accepted as Cochlostyla (Orthostylus) Beck, 1837 represented as Cochlostyla Férussac, 1821
Genus Phania Martens, 1860 accepted as Pyrochilus Pilsbry, 1893 (invalid: junior homonym of Phania Meigen, 1824 [Diptera]; Pyrochilus is a replacement name)
Genus Poecilus Albers, 1860 accepted as Cochlostyla (Cochlodryas) Martens, 1860 represented as Cochlodryas Martens, 1860 (unavailable; established in synonym of Cochlodryas, without description or constituent species)
Genus Prochilus Martens, 1860 accepted as Dolichostyla Pilsbry, 1896 (Invalid: junior homonym of Prochilus Walbaum, 1792 [Pisces] and others, Dolichostyla Pilsbry, 1896 is a replacement name)
Genus Ptychostylus Möllendorff, 1888 accepted as Pachya Albers, 1850 (invalid: preoccupied by Ptychostylus Sandberger, 1870)
Genus Pythohelix Swainson, 1840 accepted as Cochlostyla Férussac, 1821 (junior synonym)
Genus Rhymbocochlias Möllendorff, 1895 accepted as Helicobulinus Broderip, 1841 (junior synonym)
Genus Steatodryas Pilsbry, 1932 accepted as Pachya Albers, 1850 (objective junior synonym of Pachya (same type species))
marine, brackish, fresh, terrestrial
Not documented
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